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Z-Shaped LED RGB Gaming Desk w/ Cupholder, Headphone Hook and Controller Stand.

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A great gaming setup deserves a desk which supports and holds everything you need. Made from a steel frame to keep it stable and in a 'Z' shape to enhance it's balance. The large and plate table-top gives plenty of holding room for your various monitors, keyboards and other essentials, with a cupholder, headphone hook, controller stand and cable management basket for organisation. It's finished with foot pads to protect your floor. A sleek design brings more excitement to you.

The spacious carbon-fibre surface gives you all the room you need to get your gaming setup exactly how you want it - plus, the water and scratch-resistant finish ensures the longevity of your gaming desk throughout lengthy gaming sessions.


Cable Management - Organise the cables both above and below your gaming desk with the built-in extension lead plug holder (discreetly hidden beneath your desk) and two individual cable hole covers.

LED Lights - Choose from 6 LED colours, 6 modes and a sound-reactive mode to take your gaming experience to the next level. Plus, you can remove the LED lights easily if you're looking for the perfect office desk!

Headset & Cupholder -  Keep your desktop space clear so you can focus on your game with the built-in cup holder - so you’ll never worry about accidental spillages or mess again! You can also make sure no harm comes to your headset with the handy headset stand - minimising any chance of damaging your favourite headset!

Controller and Game Stand - Never misplace your controllers or favourite games again thanks to the two-in-one controller and game stand - holding 2 controllers and 3 games of your choice. Plus, the stand features 4 built-in USB plugs to allow you to keep your devices charged while you game!

Mouse Pad Included - Get the most out of your gaming experience by ensuring every mouse movement is reflecting cursor movement with unbeatable accuracy and consistency thanks to the sleek gaming mouse pad. Plus, the extra wide surface coverage ensures you’ll never have to worry about running out of space to move!

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Height : 75cm | Width : 120cm | Depth : 60cm

Distance between legs : 89cm

Cupholder - Height : 7cm | Depth : 10cm

Mouse Pad - Depth : 29cm | Width : 80cm

Controller & Game Stand - Height : 24cm | Depth : 12cm | Width : 9cm

Cable Management Tray- Depth : 14cm | Width : 40cm