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Lawton Modern Low Black Metal Minimalist Platform Bed Frame.


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Trendy, modern and minimalist low-rise platform beds are taking the industry by storm and proving to be extremely popular. These beds have many advantages over traditional bed frames and are especially sought after for contemporary settings.

Low to the ground, these platform beds are much more stable than a traditional bed frame, provide a firmer night’s sleep. The fact they are so robust and sturdy means they are a great option for heavier people – as the strength of the frame offers a greater level of support than other types of bed.

As for the space saving minimalist design of this bed, there’s no better type of frame for a smaller room. Even if you don’t have a small room, the minimalist design looks great and is definitely en mode at the moment.

The simplicity of this bed frame is its strength. It has a much lower footprint in a room, which frees up space for other furniture or gives the room a less congested feel.

Research has shown that human beings are more at rest sleeping closer to the ground, rather than suspended higher off of it. This is another huge advantage to this bed frame, as it stands only 25cm from the ground and means you are more likely to get a deep, comfortable night’s rest.